Beatle Week 2007


 The Yellow SubMorons performed
8 shows in 5 days.

Click HERE to read our story
as only a moron can tell it

The Famous Cavern Club
Front Stage
(above and right)

Crossing Abbey Road...
with no trousers
(during our one day in London)

The Wall outside
Abbey Road Studios

Ummm, I can't remember
where this one was taken...

The stairway leading down
to the Cavern Club

The Liverpool John Lennon
(everyone takes a bus ride to the
local airport when they're
exploring a city...right?)

The famous
Strawberry Fields Gates

George Harrison was born here
12 Arnold Grove

Ringo was born here
9 Madryn Street

A moron and some friends
on the bus to Penny Lane

The Mustard Bar
(part of the Penny Lane Fest
to celebrate the song's
40th anniversary)

Lots of new friends hanging out
with us at the Mustard Bar

Still at the Mustard Bar

Outside the Mustard Bar

Penny Lane
(even a moron can tell where
this picture was taken)

The Shelter in the
Middle of the Roundabout
(it used to be a bistro,
now it's fun to climb on)

The Penny Lane Barber Shop
(some morons are reflected
in the window, but if you look
closer, you can see a guy getting
his haircut through us)

Having fun at the
Cavern Club Back Stage

A Moron leaves our mark in the
Cavern Club Back Dressing Room

John Lennon's House
251 Menlove Ave

Paul McCartney's House
20 Forthlin Rd

The Rubber Soul Bar

The Cavern Pub

The Cavern Pub

"The Morons were here"
in the Cavern Club
Front Dressing Room

"It's looking good"

Big introduction on the
Cavern Club Front Stage

The Cavern Club Front Stage
Many friends, new and old,
came out to the show

Yellow SubMorons...


...At the...

...Cavern Club

Outside The Cavern Club

Actually, there were
three birthdays to celebrated:

1. Liverpool's 800th
2. The Cavern Club's 50th
3. And one of the Morons....

New friends,
Penny Lane,
a Beatle tribute band from
New Orleans,
Hanging at the Jacaranda

Liverpool's 800th Birthday
Celebration Parade

Saying Goodbye
on the Magical History Tour Bus

Thanks to...Everyone at Cavern City Tours and Magical History Tour for giving us this opportunity;
Penny Lane and everyone in the 2007 Magical History Tour Group for their support and friendship;
Jim "Ringo" Martin for his magnificent bass playing and stage presence;
Janika and Jung of the Mal Evans Tribute Band for jamming with us at the Cavern Pub;
Paula for taking these photos; and everyone who "joined the band" at our performances.