Abbey Road On The River 2009





Every year I put a thank you note here after the photos. Every year it gets longer and longer and......
This year I will begin with a quote from a new friend named Mike. He really says it all.
"Abbey Road on the River compares to nothing I have ever seen or heard! Thanks to the BEATLES,
GARY and his staff, and all the BANDS!
AND then there was the YELLOW SUBMORONS, I had more fun on Sunday at the river stage,
what with being in the parade, taking a spot of TEA, someone tell me the name of that TEA,
pictures with all the band and fans! THAT was the highlight for me. And can they play and sing.
Thank you to Mike for his kind words; to Joe McMichael for performing as Dirk McQuickly #6; to all the
SubManiacs (Danny, Ramona, Ben, Krystal, Amanda, Steve, Janine...we'd like to welcome new SubManiacs Mike, Morgan, Sierra, and Lydia) for putting together the parade and other wacky events; to Carrie, Krystal, and Janine for the photographs seen on this website; to all the participants in the "parade to the stage", Ouch! dance, beachball game, limbo, yellow submarine conga line, late night sing along, tea party, and wacky group photos; and, of course, Gary Jacob, the Abbey Road on the River staff, the sound crews, the Galt House, and the city of Louisville for wonderful work and hospitality. It is all you that make Abbey Road On The River and The Yellow Submorons performances inspire quotes such as that Mike's up above.