Abbey Road On The River 2008




Thanks to...Gary Jacob and the AROTR 2008 staff for all their hard work, hospitality, and for inviting the Yellow SubMorons to be a part of the event for the third time!/ Danny Donuts (our first and favorite crew member) for all his help promoting our shows, making our documentary DVD, serving tea at the tea party, and causing a huge stir with his yellow submarine costume (congrats on your costume contest win) / Ben and Ramona for the commemorative keychains, wooden submarine, all their assistance in promoting our shows, and helping make the shows into parties / Krystal and Amanda for the paper flowers and for all of their help at our shows (passing out tea party invites, passing out kazoos, blowing bubbles, serving tea...) / Captain Janine for being the first to join the Yellow Submarine conga line and all your hard work as part of the AROTR staff / Joe for lending us the Rocky guitar he won at the Oh! Darling contest (it looked and sounded fab) / Drew Harrison for trading performance time slots with us on Friday night when two morons made a wrong turn on our drive to Louisville and arrived late (note to self, if you're driving from Chicago to Louisville and you reach the Ohio're in for one long detour) / Danny, Zoe, Sue, Joey, and Ramona for taking the photos you see above / Rachel, Danny, Steve, Ben, Ramona, Amanda, and Krystal for helping us create an on stage sing along in the driving rain on Friday night when the sound crew was forced to turn off our vocals due to weather / everyone who took tea with us on Saturday making our first Rutland Tea Party a huge success / Steve, Stan, Joe, Keefer, and everyone who joined us in the Sunday night Galt House lobby sing along (way to go sticking with us until 4am!) / everyone who bought a CD and-or DVD / and, of course, any and every one who came out to our shows!!!