Abbey Road On The River 2007





Thanks to...Gary Jacob and staff for all their hard work and for inviting us to be a part of AROTR 2007 / Paige and the documentaty crew for including us in their project / Ben and Ramona for the tasty Rutland tea (hic-cup...I think I drank too much!), the megaphones, the Cheese and Onions banner (helped Jim remember how to spell it), and the Ouch! dance (which made Nicole laugh so hard she forgot which chords to play); Krystal and Amanda for the paper flowers and for helping us distribute bubbles and flutes at the pool party on Sunday / everyone who filled the pool area with bubbles on Sunday / the fellow who gave us the Matthew Sweet and Susana Hoffs CD (being Morons, we can't seem to remember your name...tip of the tongue, I promise) / all the fabulous kazoo players / everyone who joined us in the first ever Rutles sing along in the Galt House lobby / and everyone who came out to our shows!!!