Moments of Mania in 2013
* Abbey Road On The River, Pierogi Fest, Great America, Private Party *



On behalf of myself and the band, THANK YOU!...
Abbey Road on the River (staff, guests, city of Louisville, Galt House, and, Gary Jacob);
Cast and Crew of The Yellow SubMarine Album Experience
(Danny, Barb, Lydia, Diane, Ryan, Mike, Kayla, Jennifer, River, Steve, Laura, Ed, Hallie, Julie, Winona, );
All of the SubManics (the cast and crew above plus, Alex, Amy, Bill, Debbie, Quentin, Doug, Stephan, Tony, Sheila, Tony, Lisa, );
Pierogi Fest, Great America, Laura and Ed;
Photographers Ted and Jill
Mask making, Stick on mustaches, Yellow Submarine stand up, Iced tea shots, Processed cheese food
Beach ball, Twister, Limbo, Ouch! dance, Get Up and Go dance, Dancing, Parading
Octopus, Bubbles, Toys, Draw set list from hat, Roller coasters, FUN!;
Everyone who joined in on all the mania in 2013!!!!!
"Get Up and Go"....but instead of "Back Home", let's go have some more fun! ... I'm not yet done :)