Moronic Moments of 2012
* Abbey Road On The River, Pierogi Fest, Great America *



THANK YOU one and all ...We LOVE you!
Abbey Road on the River (staff, guests, city of Louisville, Galt House, and, Gary Jacob);
Cast and Crew of The Yellow SubMarine Album Experience
(Danny, Barb, Ben, Ramona, Ben, Krystal, Lydia, Diane, Ryan, Mike, Kayla, Steve, Winona, Christina);
All of the SubManics (the cast and crew above plus, Alex, Amy, Bill, Debbie, Shirley, Randy);
Pierogi Fest, Great America, Possibilty Playhouse;
Iced Tea by the gallon, individually wrapped cheese slices, weather balloon octopus, toys, bubbles, and super bubble machines;
Everyone who came out and partied, paraded, performed, and had fun with us!!!!!
"Love is the meaning of Life, Life is the meaning of Love"