The Trooth

What's a SubMoron?

The Yellow SubMorons are a tribute to a parody. Sort of a 'pribute' or a 'tarody', if you will. The concept came about in mid 2005 when founding members, Nicole Nigh and Jimi Hondros, attending their um-teenth Beatle convention, noticed how overly serious and uptight some of the competing bands were behaving and thought somehow the atmosphere needed to be considerably lightening up.

Both being ardent fans of The Rutles, they strapped on guitars and began to play Rutles' tunes in the hotel lobby. A crowd of curious and surpised onlookers soon congregated, and The Yellow SubMorons were born.

Soon after came recording their demo CD in a bedroom closet and booking their first gig from a bathroom stall. The SubMorons were on their way in true Rutles' fashion. The clever lyrics, catchy melodies in the Rutles' music meshes nicely with Beatle or 60's music as fans laugh and grin, noticing the references to the Beatles songs.

The idea seems to be working because after performing at the 2005 BeatleFest in Chicago, The Yellow SubMorons were officially invited to perform at that very festival where it all began, 2006 Abbey Road On The River Memorial Day Weekend in Louisville, KY. Other performances of note include the Pierogi Fest in Whiting, IN; Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN; and Beatleweek in Liverpool, England (where the Yellow SubMorons performed at the famous Cavern Club).

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